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Whether due to a leaking pipe or a flooded bathroom, water damage to drywall needs to be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. At Wall Tech we understand  drywall austin tx and how important it is for you to restore your home fast after any water damage and we’re ready to repair or replace your drywall.

Water and Flood Damaged Drywall

Any water that gets into contact with the drywall can damage it. A leaking pipe inside a wall can damage the back of the drywall, which can eventually cause bulges or water damage that can be seen from the inside of the room. A flood in any room inside the home quickly causes serious damage to the drywall and needs to be fixed fast. Our restoration services can help with any water damaged drywall.

Visual Inspection of Damages

When our clients need drywall restoration services, we always begin with a visual inspection of the damages. Any underlying issues like a leaking pipe will need to be fixed before the drywall can be repaired. We determine the scope of the damage as well as what needs to be done to fully restore the walls inside the home. The amount of drywall damaged and the severity of the damage can be the difference between repair and replacement.

Dealing with Mold and Drywall

When water starts to damage the drywall in a home, mold can start to grow. Mold can start growing on wet drywall within 24 hours, which is why it’s crucial to start the restoration as soon as the water damage is noticed. If there is mold on drywall, we will need to remove the mold to repair the drywall or replace the drywall if the mold is severe. Since the mold can cause respiratory issues for anyone living in the home, this is best done as soon as the mold is noticed. The longer it is left alone, the more it will spread.

Repair or Replacement?

After inspecting the damage and looking for mold, we can begin to repair or replace the drywall. Repair is only possible if the water is detected quickly and restoration services are begun immediately. In these cases, the flood damaged drywall can be dried out. If the water is not detected in time, the damage will likely be too severe, and the drywall will need to be replaced. We can replace any of the damaged drywall and match the wall texture to ensure the patching or larger replacements are not visible when the job is done. The area around the drywall will also need to be sanitized at this step to help prevent mold growth.

If you’ve suffered water damage to your drywall, call on the experts from Wall Tech to help with drywall repair austin. We offer fast repair and replacement services, so you can get the help you need right away. Contact us today to schedule an inspection of the damages in your drywall or to get more information about the services we offer.


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